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I wanted to write this letter and let you know how happy Fr. Jack and the parish are with the new Deluxe Pew Form Cushions and new Kneelers. The quality and comfort make our church more inviting and comfortable. The jig for installing the kneelers was flawless. It took 3 of us about 3 hours to install 24 kneelers. Your jig was a Hugh time and money saver to be able to install them ourselves. The order was delivered 3 weeks early and I thank god for every time I kneel. The old kneelers almost made me become a Protestant! Ha ha (that joke was for Fr. Jack!).
Jim Kellogg, Council President
St. Anne Catholic Parish

Thank you again for making our church pew kneeler experience so pleasant and easy. Not only were you and your staff responsive to our questions and concerns, but your prices were great. I also thank you for your installer. Jim was a consummate professional and an incredible hard worker. He was fun to work with and made our experience a memorable one.
The Rev. Lewis A. Groce, Pastor
St. Timothy Lutheran Church

As Chairman of the Property Committee, I wish to thank you and commend you for the excellent work your craftsmen performed in refinishing the pews, related furniture and pew upholstering in our church sanctuary. Following are comments made by members of the congregation:
1. Didn’t realize we needed a “new look” - perfectly beautiful.
2. Carving on the pulpit has gone unnoticed.
3. The new finish of the furniture blends beautifully with the darker woods.
4. Pews are magnificent.
5. My back feels much better due to firm upholstering.
Alice F. Gault, Property Chairman
First Presbyterian Church

We would like to write to you and express our deepest thanks and appreciation for your work and dedication during our recent renovations and church pew refinishing. As with any congregation, this was a significant investment for us yet your personal commitment to ensure the entire project success was far beyond our expectations. From the personal visit to your availability in answering questions along the way, we thank you for that dedication. In addition, the workmanship and the quality of the materials that were used on the pews continues to receive compliments from our members, even months after the installation.
Kevin Quincel, Pastor and Ralph Ankrom, Trustee Chairman
Salem United Methodist Church

Thank you for the professionalism witnessed during the execution of work for referenced project - specifically the following:
1. Refinishing of pews turned out very well and accomplished with
minimum disruption.
2. Custom built church appointments are excellent.
3. Light fixtures and chairs are the quality anticipated.
K. Henry Saxon, A.I.A.
Hunter Howard Saxon and Associates

Thank you for your exceeding kindness in returning my call last Tuesday. It was obvious from our conversation that you are well familiar with your business and the installation of church pews. Moreover, you understand the difficulties in re-carpeting. Our engineer was impressed by your knowledge and orderliness.
Dr. J. Arnold Fair, Pastor
Faith Baptist Church and School

We are delighted with the church pew cushions you have installed in our church. Our members, particularly our senior citizens, have made many favorable comments about improved circulation in their legs and back while sitting in the church service. Members with back problems and osteoporosis are very pleased. Some of them were not able to come to church service here until the cushions were installed.
There were two added benefits that I did not expect. First the color of the pew cushions have improved the decor of the church. Far more meaningful to me has been the dramatic improvement of the acoustics in our church. The echo in our building made long pauses necessary so the members in certain parts of the nave could here what I was saying. The cushions reduced the echo and allowed us to turn up the sound system without getting the usual feed back.
Pastor Jack M. Casino
Saint Paul Lutheran Church

The people of First Saint John want to extend their thanks to you and your company for the addition of our new church pew upholstering. The beauty of our sanctuary has definitely been enhanced. Your company has done an outstanding job for our church and we will not hesitate to recommend your service.
Harvey Seeger, Evangelism Chairperson
First St. John United Church of Christ

Part of the task of building our church was the selection of seating for our community. Having talked with different companies and examining several options, we decided to install the solid oak pews from Eisenhour Church Furnishings. The composition and structure of the pews are of the highest quality. They add beauty to our place of worship and comfort I have not found in any other church pew. The pews are so well constructed that we believe our investment will give us years of maintenance free enjoyment. I highly recommend the Eisenhour Church Furnishing to any in search of quality and professional service.
Fr. Tom Dennemann, Pastor
St. Elizabeth Seton Church

This letter is intended to convey our sincere appreciation for the very commendable job you performed on the installation of new pews in our church sanctuary. You worked with us in selecting new pews, padding, coordinating carpet, etc. Final bids were submitted; and it was with much pleasure on our part that the contract was awarded, and you became the official supplier. During this 3 year time span, we have been extremely pleased with your efficient service, reliability, cooperativeness, obvious persistence, and dependability. We would be most happy to recommend you and your company to any church which is considering purchase of replacement pews or other furnishings.
Russell Ackerman, Board of Trustees
Church Of The Master United Methodist

The people at Calvary Baptist Church want me to express their appreciation for your help in our re-modeling project. The color combination for the pew coverings and carpet add tremendous eye appeal to the sanctuary. The beautiful job done on the choir screen was widely remarked on. The match of the wood in the screen and our existing pews and pulpit furniture is nearly perfect.
Rev. Gary R. Schroeder
Calvary Baptist Church
We want to thank you for your prompt and efficient handling of the installation of padding on our church pew seats. Your sales approach was handled nicely; your installers were considerate of our schedule of building use; they did a very neat and attractive job with the installation and the finished pew padding is very attractive and comfortable.
Ellis E. Wesner
Church of Christ

Thank you for your help. We are extremely pleased with the way it turned out. You were helpful in so many ways, and we would be proud to have you show Central Trinity United Methodist Church as a model for your work.
Jack D. Downing, Chairman Building Committee
Central Trinity United Methodist Church

I am writing this letter on behalf of our entire congregation. We can never begin to thank you enough for all you did in our sanctuary remodeling. We are delighted with the entire effect of our worship area. The church pew padding and fabric blend perfectly with the decor and the actual installation looks as though it will last 100 years. In addition to all of this, the workmen you sent to our project were not only highly skilled professionals, they were delightful to work with and be around.
Rev. Larry G. Deitch, Pastor
First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

During the past eighteen months our committee has provided the leadership for a complete facelift for the sanctuary. Among the many aspects of this task was the addition of church pew pads. We selected Eisenhour Church Furnishings through a careful selection process and found Mr. Ron Eisenhour to be very helpful in the decision making process. He was available when needed and showed a great deal of patience as the usual church committee process was working itself out. Our final product is greatly admired and will be enjoyed by the congregation for many years to come.
Charles and Dolores Reutter, Co-Chairpersons
First Presbyterian Church

We love the dark red cushions. The reality is as satisfactory as our dream. The committee is exceedingly grateful to you for making this whole adventure possible. We do appreciate your patience.
Mary Willert and Mable Dorod
Historic First Church, Presbyterian

I wanted to write to you and thank you for the excellent job that your crew did while upholstering our pews. The two men conducted themselves very professionally, politely and efficiently. You are blessed to have workers like these two men. As they worked, they were knowledgeable, friendly and demonstrated solid Christian character through their work ethic.
Reverend Dennis B. Moriarty
Merritt Primitive Methodist Church

We are extremely pleased with the work your company did with the pews in our church’s sanctuary. You padded the seats and backs of our pews and also padded the kneeling benches at our altar railing.The work added a distinct new color and beauty to our sanctuary. The work was done with great expertise, done quickly, an done according to our expectations. We thank you for your kindness and understanding that you shared with us during the entire time.
Thomas N. Thomas, Pastor
Mingo First United Methodist Church

The Executive Board members of St. George Orthodox Church wish to make known that they are extremely pleased with the redecorating of the Church’s interior which was recently completed. The committee found Mr. Ron Eisenhour to be very helpful in coordinating the project resulting in a beautiful color match of walls, carpet and cushions. Also the workmanship in all areas was excellent. We especially appreciated that Mr. Eisenhour and his workers were courteous, dependable and capable. They truly deserve consideration from any group contemplating similar projects in their church.
Mitchell Zunich
St. George Serbian Orthodox Church

I would like to send my sincerest thanks for the timely delivery of the church pew kneelers, four weeks ahead of schedule. I fully expected that it would take two to three weeks to install the 182 kneelers. On Monday evening myself with a husband and wife volunteer, we were able to install all of the 364 brackets. No small task with the closeness of the pews and 26 different lengths. The jigs that you sent worked flawlessly after I adjusted them for our pews. On Tuesday morning another two volunteers started laying out the kneelers and we were able to have all church pew kneelers installed by 5:00 pm. Fr. Ron was speechless. We are calling it a Miracle.
Denver Mossing, Business Manager
Holy Trinity Catholic Church

On behalf of the people of St. John Lutheran Church, this letter comes to you with two purposes. First, we wish to thank you, officially, for the work done by you and Eisenhour Church Furnishings during our recent remodeling project. Those of us who have been working with you and D.A.S. These past several months are ever so appreciative of all that has been done for us and are delighted as the results of everyone’s efforts.
Rev. Allen R. Trapp
St. John Lutheran Church and School

Please know our appreciation for your prompt response and efforts in regards to our inquiry for having our church pews refinished. Everyone here at the Andover Church of Christ is very pleased with the work that has been done.
LeRoy McNeill, Chairman of the Board
Andover Church of Christ
Thank you
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